Located in Frenchtown, NJ, the Garden enables residents to grow their own organic food in a community setting.

Community participation has been critical from the start of the garden right up until now. Please visit our Support page to find out how you can get involved.

Many thanks to everyone who supported our Spring Plant and Flower Sale!

The garden was born when Robert Myhre, a charter member of the Frenchtown Lions Club, proposed in March 2009 that a community garden be created on a vacant floodplain lot that belonged to the Borough of Frenchtown. It had been a privately occupied lot with a house. After several floods negatively impacted the house, FEMA bought the property, razed the structure, and turned it over to the Frenchtown Borough. The property became officially accessible to the public in late spring, 2010. The purpose of this venture was to offer local residents an opportunity to learn the art and science of organic gardening.


The property on which the Frenchtown Community Garden is situated originally became available because of its location in the floodplain of the Delaware River. We found the soil to be a varying mixture of sand and clay. Our ongoing task is to increase the ability of our soil to absorb moisture through the addition of organic materials. To that end we are collecting leaf mulch from the Frenchtown Borough, manure from a local farmer and grass clippings from the county.
Garden4To improve the garden’s productivity, we continue to create as many raised beds as possible on the various plots. This helps improve drainage and prevents run-off. Other ongoing projects include: laying wood chips between rows and on all paths to keep the weeds down and developing a worm farm for leaf composing. Garden co-manager John Mizin has long been collecting earth worms and red wriggler worms which he has added to a large, separate leaf-weed compost pile.



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